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About Silvia Olari


Silvia was born in Parma in 1988.

She started to study music when she was 8 years old. Both piano- and

vocal classes.

When she was 12 years old she started to make some public performances. She even started to study opera for one year but at the

age of 15 she realised that her heart belong to more contemporary music like soul, R&B, pop, e.t.c.

Her combination of very good piano playing and her outstanding voice

became a trademark for this young lady from Parma town.

Since 2001 she attented some italian singing contests like “Festival di Napoli” , “Sanremo Academy” (2002) ,“

Una voce per Sanremo” (2005) and many others, where she from time to time got #1 positions. Silvia also achieved a scholarship to study at “The Music of Hope Academy” in Rome.

In 2008 she took part in a Talent Show called “Amici” and she became a very popular singer in italy; after the show she released her first self-titled album “Silvia Olari” produced by Warner Bros with the single “Fino all'anima” written by Nek, a famous italian songwriter.

In 2009 Silvia performed at the “Blue Note” in Milan the U2 cover “with or without you” in a duet with her vocal coach Luca Jurman.


In 2010 she published the second album “Libera Da”, where you can find several hit songs like “Piango per te”, “Cenere”, “Segui il vento”etc.  All the songs on this album are entirely written by Silvia, both music and lyrics.


Since 2011 Silvia has worked as a composer and she opened  for some italian singers' shows where she sung her most known songs..

In 2012 she performed both in  Switzerland and Greece.


She also had a great success with her hitsong “Niente di me”, published in April 2013, which had  over 10.000 likes in 3 weeks on youtube.


A very important moment for Silvia was when she performed in a concert for the italian television, “Una notte per Caruso 2013”, together with some of the greatest and famous italian singers.

She played a great song written by Mina and Alberto Sordi, “Breve Amore”, with a live orchestra and the piano and her voice.


In 2014 Silvia started a new exciting career in London (UK), where she strated a new band project and she's been intruducing her music to the english audience.


After a while, she was contacted by a swedish recording label and its producer Bjorn Johansson who gave her the opportunity to sign a contract and create a whole international album, “There is Something About You”, who's gonna be worldwide released on 23rd March 2018

This album is produced by Musicshack Records and Spectra Music Group, which is the main independent recording label in USA.

Two tracks of the album, “lost in yourself” and “pure joy”, were previously released as singles in 2017 and they both reached the italian itunes RNB top 10 chart.

And More...

Signed to the Spectra Music Group in April 2017, Silvia’s first international production is to be released in March 2018. Produced and Recorded by Björn “BJ” Johansson (B Angie B, Milton Cortez) at his own studio in Stockholm, Sweden. All songs are written by Björn Johansson and Jim Lindqwister.

Pop/Soul artist Silvia Olari is releasing her highly anticipated debut Spectra Music Group single "Lost in Yourself" on Friday, the second of June, 2017.
The early years – "A unique talent that no one should miss".

After 10 years being a soloartist in her native country Italy Silvia Olari is launching a new international career with a world wide release of her forthcoming album "There is Something About You" the 23rd of March, 2018 through Spectra Music Group.

A remix of ”Pure Joy” is coming soon your way in the spring/summer of 2018. Thanks to Max Mazzeo & Alberto Drago.

A second remix will be delivered by
Antonello Ferrari and Aldo Bergamasco this summer of 2018.


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