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Stars in the Sky

This is the music video of the fourth single from the album "There is something about you".

There is

something about you


This song with purely R&B veins highlights the voice and style of Silvia that has always distinguished her as an artist.

Third single and title track of the album.
The videoclip was filmed in Stockholm.

This is the first music video from her anticipated new album that will be released in March 2018. The first single is the romantic ballad "Lost in Yourself".

Lost in Yourself (2017)

Fuori di testa (2017)

Italian Single released June 30, 2017, produced by Beppe Stanco for the label Beat Sound.(Milan)

Niente di me (2013)

Italian Single released April 14, 2013, produced by record label Immaginazione Srl.

Piango per te (2010)

Italian Single released May 14, 2010, produced by record label Immaginazione Srl.

Cenere (2010)

Italian Single released in January 2011, produced by record label Immaginazione Srl.

Fino all'anima (2009)

Italian Single released April 3,2009, produced by record label Warner Music Italy.

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