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Great review from the US
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From Vent Magazine, by M. Lezjuande

Silvia Olari? Angelic. There Is Something About You, her album? Love. That’s it, that’s all…at least, that’s what I wish I could say because her voice + her album = perfection. But, then, this wouldn’t be a review, but an opinion. So, I’ll just start here: everything about Olari and her album are musical perfection. Actually, it’s MUSICAL HEAVEN. Every song is a different, meaningful ballad, in reference to love. The wonderful thing about this observation is that the “love message” isn’t always based on intimacy. As a matter of fact, the basis ranges from reliability to genuinity to self-love to love being a gift to humanity. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been on the search for an adult-contemporary album that isn’t just about intimacy. Luckily (and beyond), Olari was just what I needed.

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An article from the local newspaper in Parma (Gazzetta di Parma)

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