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Remix of ”Pure Joy” coming soon your way in the start of June 2018.

By Italian DJ Max Mazzeo & Alberto Drago.

Official Comunication 20 October 2017

Grab the new single "Pure Joy" by Chart Topper Silvia Olari available at iTunes!

Out 17 November.

Chart Topper Silvia Olari is following up her first single "Lost in Yourself" from her forthcoming album with the dance track "Pure Joy"! This song flirts with the sound from late 70ies disco tracks.

All The Latest from Silvia Olari

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A big success!

#10 on the Italian R&B chart on iTunes!

Silvias first international single reached #10 only after 4 days from the release.

The second single "Pure Joy" debuts at #17 of the Italian iTunes R&B chart up to #8

"There is something about you" debuts at #2 of the Italian iTunes R&B album chart and remains stable for several days at #3

Debut Single a Huge Success

Silvia Olari is releasing her Spectra Music Group debut single "Lost in Yourself" on Friday second of June, 2017.

Available for pre-order and the purchase worldwide! 

Silvia Olari is a singer, songwriter and piano player from Parma, Italy. Silvia gained regional notariety for her singing and piano skills at the age of 12 and has been performing professionally since then. Prior to this release, she has also released two albums in Italy. 


New single  Lost in Yourself Official Comunication 
9 May 2017

Silvia Olari is releasing her Spectra Music Group debut single

"Lost In Yourself" on Friday June 2, 2017.

Now available for pre-order worldwide, reserve your copy today! Signed to the Spectra Music Group in April 2017, Silvia's first international production is to be released in March 2018.

Produced and Recorded by Björn "BJ" Johansson (B Angie B, Milton Cortez) at his own studio in Stockholm, Sweden. All songs are written by Björn Johansson and Jim Lindqwister.

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